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Knotwood is aluminum that looks and feels like wood only it’s lighter, stronger, greener and safer than real wood. Knotwood allows you to still have the natural beauty and timeless appeal of wood combined with the capabilities of aluminum. Knotwood uses a state of the art sublimation process to create wood like aluminum that’s greener, safer, stronger and easier to use than wood. From traditional warm woody hues to dark modern ashes, Knotwood has the most extensive range inspired from the natural world.


Pura® NFC by Trespa 

Pura® NFC by Trespa is a versatile solution for most siding projects and gives maximum design freedom and a long lasting, beautiful finish. These composite siding planks are made from 70% natural fibers sourced from sustainable forests, and are certified according to PEFC standards. Planks undergo extensive testing for impact and UV resistance, which is why River Supply is confident in offering an incredible 30-year product guarantee on Trespa – a warranty you can only get from us.   Pura® NFC includes installation clips, color-matched profiles and fasteners. The tailored collection comes with everything needed to create an evenly hued façade with a rich palette of options to suit many architectural styles.



Resysta takes agricultural waste and transforms it into a durable building product with many applications. Approximately 60% (by volume) of the proprietary formula is rice husks, a rapidly renewable resource in great supply. Calcium carbonate and synthetic plastic polymer combined with the ARF (Active Resysta Filler) at extremely high temperatures yield a product that can be formed to almost any shape or size. Resysta qualifies for third party sustainability certifications based on its renewable resource content and being 100% recyclable in the manufacturing process and after many years of use. Resysta does NOT contain any wood and therefore does not contribute to deforestation. Resysta can be finished with over 30 beautiful water-based stains and sealed to assure color durability.


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