Extruded Porcelain Panels

Product Overview

The Frontek extruded porcelain facade system is a unique, open-jointed cladding system that was designed to perform in the most challenging of environmental conditions. Frontek is ICC certified and compliant with International Building Codes. It is resistant to fire, corrosion, and impact with great wind-load performance.

We have installation systems for every supporting structure. Modern mechanical fixing systems have revolutionized the concept of ceramic placement on facades. To support the ceramic coating, Front-Tek presents two fully developed and designed anchoring systems. Both systems are incredibly easy to install and differ in the grip mechanism which can be by clamp, Front-Tek Plus, or by horizontal guides, Front-Tek Super-plus.

To place an order or request a quote for the Frontek extruded porcelain facade system, please contact River Supply at 717-927-1555 or submit a Contact Form.