HPL Phenolic Panel Systems

Product Overview

High-pressure phenolic laminate panels are constructed with wood fibers, reinforced with thermosetting resins, and manufactured under high pressure, creating a closed-cell homogeneous material. HPL panels are available in a large array of colored and decorative surfaces, including woodgrain, stone, and metallic prints that are fused to the core. The resultant properties prevent the material from delaminating or absorbing water. High-quality phenolic laminates have exceptional impact and graffiti resistance.

Trespa Pura NFC® provides a solution consisting of planks, fasteners and matching accessories. The cladding is not only attractive, but it is also highly durable. The system gives maximum design freedom and a long lasting, beautiful finish.


A Proud Partnership

River Supply Inc. is proud to be a partner of Trespa® North America, Ltd. Trespa® is a world leader in the development, production and delivery of high-performance, high-quality, HPL panels. Trespa® is continually creating new benchmarks for exterior envelopes, decorative cladding and interior surfaces. River Supply Inc. is esteemed to be one of only three (3) North American TRESPA® METEON® stocking distributors.

We are a proud Certified Trespa® Manufacturer (CTM) dedicated to the excellence that makes Trespa® a world leader in the development, production and delivery of high-performance, high- quality panels for exterior cladding, decorative facades and interior surfaces.


Manufacturers We Represent

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